Recycling in Texas

Join the grass roots movement

Join the millions of people who have made a pledge to clean up the environment by recycling old appliances, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, wire, or brass items. Recycling is a great way to keep our homes and farmland looking beautiful while reducing waste in public and private dumps.

Get Cash for your Scrap!

Don't throw that old metal into a ditch or pasture dump area. Avoid hefty fines from the government and get paid for your trouble! Bring your scrap metal into East Texas Recycling - Fast, Friendly, Local.

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Recycling is good for the environment... and good for your pocket book too!

Why Us?

East Texas Recycling offers the best price for scrap around.

Get It Quick

Need cash today? Gather all your scrap and bring it in for some green!


Whether you are new to recycling or a veteran, we are happy to help you.